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When she was young, she grew up in a quiet small town where she started to enjoy art through colored paper and pencils. As she grew older, her love for art expanded into all aspects of the art world. Kara is sweet, caring, and a hard worker. After working for 25 years as a graphic designer, she has now decided to start her own business.


Kara grew up in a strong family through many different circumstances. One of them being that she and her sister are deaf. Kara continues to raise a strong family with her wonderful husband, Chris. They have two beautiful daughters, both of whom love to draw, just like their mother. This is how her life came to focus on art, and how design can play a role in families and friendships. Kara shows many emotions in her artwork, and her goal is to help people see joy and passion in their lives too.


She started her business to help people process their emotions and to celebrate joyous occasions. Kara lost her dad at a young age, and during this time, she bonded with her dog. This bond helped her through the grieving process. Because of her loss and her dog helping her through this time, she designed some of her artwork to memorialize loved ones and to showcase beloved pets.


Her love of home décor also drives her business. Kara loves decorations that have a modern touch. She hopes her artwork and décor will bring people a sense of comfort and warmth. Her bold work and vibrant colors are sure to bring passion and joy to your home.


Kara is hopeful to become successful in her business by helping people love life through artwork.

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